Although ASN Capital will normally do this as well, we recommend that you identify who your suppliers are and provide them with your move-in date and meter readings.

If you have moved home it is possible that the previous occupant has changed the gas or electricity supplier and so ASN Capital may not know who the supplier is. In most cases the previous occupant will have notified the companies of their moving and the suppliers will send correspondence addressed to 'The Occupier' so that you can continue with them.

There may be times when this procedure has not been followed and so the following information may be useful.


You can find out who your gas supplier is by calling the Meter Point Administration Service on 0870 608 1524.  They will also give you a Meter Point Reference Number (MPRN), which might be useful for future correspondence. In the Southern Gas Network area you could also call them on 0845 0701431 if the record is missing from the Transco database.


In Southern England you can identify your supplier by calling the local distribution company on 0845 0262554.


Most water supplies in ASN Capital properties are provided by Sembcorp Bournemouth Water. You can check this by visiting their website .


All sewage services in ASN Capital properties are provided by Wessex Water . 


BT should be able to advise who provides your telephone service - call them on 0800 800 150.