This article applies to properties that have a satellite connection in the lounge and a single aerial socket in the bedrooms. 

To enable sharing of your satellite channels to other rooms please consult your satellite television provider or installer. This article seeks to assist you with returning the setup to its original configuration so that you can receive digital terrestrial television in the lounge and bedrooms.

Step 1 - Check lounge connections

The socket in your lounge is called a multi plate and should look something like the image below:

On the socket marked 'TV' there should be a splitter which allows you to connect your television as usual, with a short length of cable connecting to the unlabelled socket on the right hand side. It is this socket on the right hand side which provides the feed for your bedrooms, so if this connector is missing you will not receive signal in those rooms.

If the connector is missing then you should check to see if it has been stored elsewhere in the property and refit it if possible, otherwise you will need a replacement.

If the connector is present, but you do not have television signal in the bedrooms please proceed to step 2.

Step 2 - Check signal booster

Before the feed from your lounge is sent on to the bedrooms it passes through a signal booster. This is normally located in a cupboard, often near the electricity meter. This small electrical device should be plugged in using its power adaptor so that any indicator light is on. There should be one cable from the lounge providing 'signal in', and additional 'signal out' cables for each of the additional points in your property. 

If the unit is connected but no light is on it may need replacement. If the cables are disconnected, please reconnect them to restore your signal.

Step 3 - Check your television works

After the above steps are completed you should check if your television now has signal. Analogue television transmissions have now been switched off so you need a device capable of receiving digital terrestrial television signals (also known as Freeview). Please follow your device manufacturer's instructions to carry out a full rescan.