Condensation is an underestimated cause of damage to our homes. It can significantly contribute to spoiled paintwork, wallpaper and flaking plasterwork. The condensed moisture can also react with the plaster ‘skim’ coat and cause ‘salting’.

Black mould growth is the most common effect of condensation, but mould can appear in other colours on carpets, clothing and wood. Sensitive people such as asthmatics, can be adversely affected by the airborne spores, meaning condensation can have an effect on health.

The mould produced by condensation can often be mistaken as the results of 'rising damp' or other structural problems. This is unlikely to be the case in an ASN Capital property due to the use of modern damp proof courses and membranes.

Modern homes are built to be almost air-tight and so without introducing the correct amount of ventilation and extraction condensation can result.

The following video, produced by the National Landlords' Association offers some helpful advice for resolving this problem.